The Intern

Interns for Fall 2013

My name is Ruth Campbell, and I'm from Portland, Oregon.  I went to a small language immersion elementary school where my teachers came from a wide array of different countries, which possibly foreshadowed my eventual decision to become an IS major. I love being outside, learning languages, running, swimming, and playing with kids whenever I get the chance. At Vassar, my favorite experiences have been working with the Cushing House Fellows and house team and as a House Fellow Intern my sophomore year, helping out with and supporting the burgeoning the Arabic department, and of course getting to know some amazing professors.

My IS concentrations are in Geography and Political Science. I have a correlate in Arabic, and last year I spent a semester abroad in Amman, Jordan. My geographic focus is the Middle East, but I've also focused on immigration issues in general. I'm very excited to be an IS intern this year and hope that Emily and I can help the IS community learn from and support each other throughout the school year (we have a theory cookies might help!). Please don't hesitate to stop by my office hours to chat about any IS related concerns (Mondays 1:30-3:30), or shoot me an email either to ask your question or to set up a time that works better for you to talk!


My name is Emily Lansdale. I'm from Santa Cruz, a small hippie surfer town in Northern California. I have family in Greece, Ireland, Honduras, and Ecuador so I've been lucky to do a lot of traveling in my life. I'm happiest when I'm on the road whether it's a cross country road trip, international flight, or trip out to the Catskills. I love the ocean, being outside, collaging, baking, playing frisbee, and hanging out with children. My favorite Vassar experiences have been student fellowing, fieldwork, getting to know interesting professors, playing ultimate, and listening to live music.

My IS concentrations are Education and Geography with a geographic focus in Latin America. I spent a year of high school in Quito, Ecuador and a gap year working and backpacking my way back up to California from a rose plantation in Ecuador where I taught English for 5 months. If I tell you I'm Ecuadorian, it's almost true--my heart certainly is. Instead of JYA, I participated in Vassar's first Multidisciplinary Living and Learning Community focused on Food and Farming.
My goal as IS intern is to create a more unified department where we take advantage of our diversity of interests and expertise by sharing them with each other. Keep an eye out for fun events this year (Ruth and I love baking cookies!) and don't hesitate to shoot me an email ( with any questions or stop by my office hours Thursdays 1:30-4:30pm