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Major Proposal 2017-2018

These guidelines are meant to help you structure your proposed international studies (IS) major.

Download and fill out the International Studies Major Proposal Form (DOC)

Please address each of the questions on this form thoughtfully and clearly, in the order in which they appear.  Be sure to include both the course number and title whenever you mention a course.  Your answers to the questions on the form - along with your “ Coursework work sheet for International Studies majors,” which you can find at the end of this document—will constitute your IS major proposal.

Before and while working on your proposal, you should consult the Vassar College Catalogue and the International Studies (IS) website, especially the Requirements and Supplement to the Major Requirements.  These sources should answer many of your questions.  You should also feel free to ask for help from the IS director, the IS student intern and/or any other member of the IS program faculty.

Your proposal is meant to help you clarify and convey your goals and concrete plans as an IS major.  Please be as clear and precise as you can about your plans.  This said, we understand that it is unlikely that you will execute your IS major precisely as planned.  Specific courses may not be offered when you plan to take them, new courses that suit your needs may be offered, and/or your interests may change.  Do your best to be specific, but do not worry too much that you are locking yourself into something that you will later regret.

Your initial proposal should be turned in by Friday, October 27, at 3:00.  Please deliver hard copy to the IS office, Old Laundry Building (OLB) 311A, and attach a copy to an email sent to the IS Director (tikoechlin@vassar.edu).  Please also cc: Ms. Sheila Stukes, the IS administrative assistant (shstukes@vassar.edu). Your proposal will be reviewed by the IS Panel of Advisors- a small group of IS faculty. We will return your proposals as soon as we can—in some cases with suggestions for revisions and/ or clarification.

 The IS Director is Tim Koechlin.  You can reach him at (tikoechlin@vassar.edu).

 The IS Interns are Sheharyar Imran and Rainah Umlauf . You can reach Sheharyar at email: shiram@vassar.edu, and Rainah at email: raumlauf@vassar.edu