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Interns for Fall 2016

Sheharyar Imran

Hi, my name is Sheharyar Imran, and I’m one of the IS interns this year! I am from Karachi, Pakistan, and am very interested in historic and contemporary issues pertaining to South Asia, particularly, urbanism, exclusion, and development. I am also very interested in the Partition of India, and personal histories of migration and displacement, cultural diasporas and ideas of belonging and citizenship. The IS major has allowed me to explore these issues from a variety of disciplinary lenses and perspectives, and I hope to be able to further my exploration of these topics post-graduation. If you have questions regarding the IS major, or would just like to chat, feel free to drop by during my office hours on Wednesday’s from 1-3 PM in OLB 312. I am also available by email at shimran@vassar.edu.

Rainah Umlauf

Hello! My name is Rainah Umlauf, and I am one the IS interns. I would love to chat in person or by email about the IS department, JYA or any of the vast variety of other interests and departments that intersect with our (and potential) IS students. Feel free to send me an email at raumlauf@vassar.edu or come to my office hours, 9:30am-11:30am on Monday mornings in OLB 312.

I am originally from Buffalo, NY and I lived my first 3 years on campus in Raymond. My IS concentrations are history and religion, and I returned last semester from an incredible JYA semester in Vietnam. I am geographically focused on Asia, but I am also interested in the global ways in which people with diverse ways of seeing the world, religious and not, can negotiate a common life together. This is the broad issue on which I hope to base my thesis this year. Outside of IS, I moonlight as one of the captains for Vassar’s Quidditch team.

The IS department has proved perfect for my course of study; its flexibility has allowed me to explore my wide interests and I have found the support of its professors and my IS peers to be unique to any other department. I am looking forward to talking with IS majors and potential majors about the IS track, classes to take, the best napping nooks in the library, and other sources of infinite senior wisdom. Best of luck this semester!