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Interns for Fall 2017

Jennifer Williams

Hello! My name is Jennifer Williams and I am one of the IS interns this year. Before making my home at Vassar and in Egypt for my JYA experience, I grew up in Redlands, California. At Vassar I lived in the ever-wonderful Lathrop for my first two years before studying abroad for my entire junior year in Cairo. I am excited to be back at Vassar this year, and am always more than happy to chat about the IS department, JYA, language studies (especially Arabic), or any of the numerous topics that intersect with IS. Please feel free to drop by—my office hours are Tuesdays 2-4pm and Fridays 9-12pm, or reach out to me by email at jewilliams@vassar.edu.

My IS concentrations are political science and economics, and I focus mainly on the Middle East. That said, as is common with IS majors, my interests far exceed my department foci. In general, I am interested in the interaction, real or fabricated, between culture, economics, and politics, as well as how these interactions shape development. I intend to continue studying this broad topic post-graduation, as the IS department has helped to further my thirst for knowledge. The department has provided the freedom to pursue my interests while also bringing my attention to some of the vast and intricate layers to every issue, topic, or conflict. Additionally, it and all of its wonderful professors supported my decision to study abroad for an entire year, and helped me attain thought-provoking summer experiences. I am excited to talk to IS majors and potential majors about the many wonders of the IS department, various IS tracks, classes and professors, essay topics, study and Deece hacks, and any other topic that might enrich the Vassar and/or IS experience.

Quynh Anh Do

Hello! My name is Quynh Anh Do (I go by Quinnie), and I am one of the IS interns this year. I am from Hanoi, Vietnam and spent most of my life there prior to my time at Vassar. My geographical focus is Asia, and my IS concentrations are sociology and political science. Aside from International Studies, I’m planning to complete a correlate in studio art. I would love to chat and answer any questions you have about the IS major, JYA, or whatever else! Please feel free to send me an email at qudo@vassar.edu or come see me in person during my office hours which are Mondays/Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm and Thursdays 9:30-11:30am.